Food Sustainabilty

Grow Towers Are The New Way Of Life

 The past few years we have changed how we feel about many areas of life – work/life balance including health, wellness, and the quality of food (and quantity) in grocery stores.  Many people are are taking up various forms of gardening in an effort to take control of their food supply.

With Land being sold for commercial or residential use we are starting to see our ability to receive fresh fruit and vegetables not being what we are used to.  Grow Towers are the way of the future, grow towers will help us to be self sustainable in todays world.  

Canadian Food Insecurities Stats 

by 2050 the global population will pass 9 billion – which will create an even larger demand for food.  

Space for crops and livestock will be limited.  Helping now to give people peace of mind our goal is to start in Ontario and slowly as we grow branch out to all of Canada.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major changes to the financial stability of Canadians, with extensive job loss and reduced hours of work. Experts in food insecurity have signaled that the financial impacts of this pandemic could lead to an increase in the number of Canadians living in a situation of food insecurity. 

 During the week of May 4 to 10, Statistics Canada collected the second wave of the new web panel survey, the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series. This web panel survey included a series of questions aimed at assessing the levels of food insecurity being experienced by Canadians. 

 Almost one in seven (14.6%) Canadians indicated that they lived in a household where there was food insecurity in the past 30 days. This is based on a scale of six food experiences, ranging from food not lasting before there was money to buy more, to going hungry because there was not enough money for food. Most Canadians reported only one negative experience, but 2.0% reported the most severe food insecurity, with five or all six experiences reported. 

Our Mission

Holistic Approach Store is looking to cut costs in food costs by teaching you how to be sustainable and grow your own food anytime, including during the colder months.  One way you can make a positive impact on your finances is by growing your own produce. 

You may not even realize that the fruits and vegetables you’re consuming every week are really adding up.  Growing your own food will help you save money, and give you a sense of control over our current food supply. 

ROI for Growing Your Produce

How much can you save by growing your own food?  When you start growing your own food, you will start from seeds.  However you can use the seeds of the fruit and vegetables you grow to make more without ever having to purchase seeds again.    You will save roughly $70 dollars every time you visit the grocery store.  If you go twice a month you are looking at a $140 dollar savings and roughly $1700 a year.   

Growing your own food at home also gives you complete control over what and how much food ends up in your fridge or pantry each month leaving less wasted food you throw out.   

It’s Time to Start Growing 

When you make the decision to grow vertically you only need 3 to 4 square feet, and can efficiently grow what you want no matter the season.  Your grow tower can be brought indoors in the winter and outdoors once the weather permits.  You will not only  promote sustainability by using 98% less water than traditional gardening, but you will also educate your kids and family on taking control of your own food produce and feel safe.