Living Intensions snacking guilt free

Our items in our grocery store come from companies who have values that match ours, caring genuine and ethical.  When you purchase from our store every product has a beautiful story like this one.  We want to help you snack guilt free.  

Company Living Intensions

The Founding Intention

At the time (1998-2003) there weren’t a lot of options for clean, nutrient dense foods right off the shelf. In order to maintain the lifestyle, I desired, I went right to work… Well, not literally… in fact, I actually really didn’t want to get a “real” job. Instead, I followed my heart and began experimenting with creating foods that I felt would really make a positive difference in the health of myself, my family and friends. I soon developed an almost obsessive passion for creating recipes. In those days, you could have found me in my home kitchen, sprouting in 5 gallon buckets, ingredients everywhere, with scattered dehydrators stacked up throughout the house, drying day and night. I was literally formulating and dehydrating with everything I could get my hands on, I am pretty sure my friends and family thought I was out of my mind!

I would spend endless hours reading recipe books with the intention of understanding how I could take standard comfort foods and turn them into nutritional powerhouses. I even hand-wrote 75+ pages of my favorite book, from cover to cover, because I really wanted to absorb all the concepts. My end goal was to share with people a better and tastier way to eat, without high-heat processing, consuming fillers or any of the weird, unpronounceable stuff that we all see on ingredient panels.

I soon decided that I needed to shake up my world, so I packed a backpack, jumped on a plane, and went to Hawaii. Being in a tropical environment, my goal was to primarily live off of my dehydrated snacks, freshly picked fruits and coconuts. This experience would change me forever…

At this time, I was very focused on practicing the art of intention. I am a believer that we all manifest our reality through the intentions we put out into our world. As I dove deeper into my meditation and yoga practice, it was proven to me time and time again, that in order to be clear-headed, and in a space to manifest what we really want, we must consume clean, nutritionally dense, vibrant foods… and within a short time… Living Intentions was born.