Become Sustainable today and stop food insecurities

Why have we chosen to branch off in Grow Towers!

We want to create a sustainable future for everyone. With Farm- or famers choosing to leave farming the decrease in this sector is down 7.9%. As population keeps growing and lands being used for housing this number will keep declining.

 Food insecurity is at its all time high it pertinent that we create an alternate way for families to have access to healthier food choices. During the week of May 4 to 10, Statistics Canada collected the second wave of the new web panel survey, the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series. This web panel survey included a series of questions aimed at assessing the levels of food insecurity being experienced by Canadians. 

Almost one in seven (14.6%) Canadians indicated that they lived in a household where there was food insecurity in the past 30 days. This is based on a scale of six food experiences, ranging from food not lasting before there was money to buy more, to going hungry because there was not enough money for food. Most Canadians reported only one negative experience, but 2.0% reported the most severe food insecurity, with five or all six experiences reported.

Grow Towers are the way of the future

The Grow Tower is an innovation that will Help families create an alternative way of growing the vegetables and fruit they eat. Creating a grow environment that does not need a house or garden just a corner where they can place the tower. This will help those who live in apartments or condos as well as those who live in a house. The grow tower can be used year-round so in the Colder month's families can still have healthy choices. Grow towers do not use soil but rather grow sponges and plant food to ensure their food is nutrient rich. HAS food for life program will also donate 1 tower for every 20 that is sold to help create a community where food insecurities are lower.