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Do you know how frustrated I was when I went to the grocery store and THIS TIME I was only going to buy healthy foods? The rule for healthy eating is to only shop on the outside aisles. Well, I WANT SNACKS and they do not exist in those aisles. I do not want an apple or grapes (there is nothing wrong with fruit) I just am not a fruit eater. I want chips and popcorn once in a while to get that crunch from something other than carrots. I also want snacks because I lead a full life. I want, like so many of us, a quick snack to get me through the day. I don’t have an hour and a half to spend reading labels at the grocery store to dissect all the ingredient labels, so I caved and bought chips, popcorn, and chocolate covered almonds again, After I eat just one bite, I immediately feel remorse for my weakness. I truly in my heart want to make better decisions but I get lost in the business of life and resort back to my old bad habits. I decided others must struggle with this, too, so I created the Holistic Approach online store largely supports the snack market. We created easy shopping for varied diets like Keto, gluten free, and vegan under easy headers. Every product in our store was research for high nutrition content. I now snack guilt free and feel a little less stress because any products I choose I know I am truly fueling my body. 
We are located inside of Timeless Harmony Spa in Newmarket, Ontario.
1091 Gorham St unit 107, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8X7
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